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Foundation Contributions The Trustees of the CCAR Scholarship Foundation respectfully ask for your individual help in our annual quest to raise funds.

The CCAR Scholarship Foundation has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to deserving college students since 1967. Helping to underwrite the costs of higher education for students from right here in Contra Costa County is a great way to positively impact an individual, a family and our local community – truly a noble cause! In recent years, contributions from Realtors, Affiliate companies and friends of the Scholarship Foundation have allowed us to disburse record amounts of college grants; however, if the Foundation is to continue to award grants at the same level as in the past, we must graciously ask every one to continue to support our work.

We want to make you aware of our scholarship program & the opportunity to contribute; the program is managed with integrity, audited for disbursement accuracy and with the exception of the annual scholarship luncheon & donor recognition event all monies are distributed directly to the students.

Secondly, we are appealing to your sense of ‘giving back’ to the community; no one can dispute the worthiness of helping to broaden the education of our young people. Many of us would not have achieved our current levels of success in career & life without financial assistance from others. Indeed, the best way to ‘pay back’ a favor is to ‘pay it forward.’

Lastly, this program will warm your heart. We respectfully offer you the chance to be involved at the root level of giving. You have the opportunity to become part of an enthusiastic group of people who make a difference. You will personally meet the students & parents and see for yourself what a difference your contributions will make.

Please consider this invitation to be our partner in success … with success defined as significantly impacting someone’s life forever. If you have questions regarding any aspect of our scholarship program, please call on one of us. And thank you for the opportunity to share our passion!